Deep Specialty

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Deep Specialty

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Have you ever felt limited by your certification? Ever been in a situation where you’re looking down on something really cool or interesting but whatever it is is beyond the maximum depth of your dive certification? Or maybe you are just naturally curious about the deep. Whatever your reason the Deep Diver Specialty might be the right course for you. The Deep Speciality Course certifies you to go to 40 meters. This is the deepest you can go in recreational diving!

During this course, you’ll how to plan and safely execute a deep dive to 40 meters.  We’ll also go into how nitrogen under increased pressure affects your mind and how to handle this, learn tons about proper gas planning, how to calculate your Surface Air Consumption Rate (SAC Rate) and using this information to calculate your total gas consumed for any specific dive. You will also learn more about other factors such as taking consideration of decompression limits, oxygen exposure, environmental factors and much more. Plus you’ll be certified to go to 40 meters for life!  You’ll not only be able to safely plan and execute deep dives, you’ll become a much better diver for taking this course.