Moyo Islands - Hidden Jewel & Diving Heaven

Moyo Island


Moyo island is located to the east of Bali and is part of the Sumbawa region of Indonesia. The entire south, east and west coast was declared a Marine Park in 1986 to protect it from fishing and other activities.

Guests step off the boat and into an area of outstanding natural beauty with some of the finest diving in the Flores sea.

1000 permanent residents live between 6 villages stretching along the coastline where they carve out a living from both fishing and farming. However, most of the southern half and interior of Moyo is uninhabited and a designated nature reserve

most of the east and west coasts and the entire south coast of Moyo Island was declared Marine Park to protect it from fishing and other harmful activities

Roctopus Dive can be found nestled inside a beautiful resort on the beach just a short ride from the local village of Labuan Aji. With no neighbours and surrounded by jungle wilderness our resort truly feels like an escape from the real world. Wake up to the sound of tropical birds, monkeys and lapping waves. Our guests are free to enjoy the peace and quiet of this pristine paradise island.


Right on the beach, in the middle of the wilderness, lies the picturesque resort, Blue emOcean. A place designed to combine the accommodation of a luxurious holiday, with the marvel of raw, untouched, savage nature.

The resort has 5 spacious rooms and 1 large beach cottage, only for a few fortunate guests. Each one of them has its own private terrace and benefits from air conditioning and hot water. All lodgings are equipped with desks for your laptops and various sockets, to recharge your electronic devices and stay connected to the outside world.

A narrow dirt road is the sole way to access the resort by land. It’s only viable by foot, bicycle or motorbike. This small road takes south, to the small village of Brang Rea, which is 4 km away and also, the only village in a radius of 10 km. The area is inhabited by colorful butterflies, curious monkeys, shy wild pigs, fierce deer, buffalo traces and wild flowers, an untamed piece of paradise.

Getting Here

Getting to Moyo Island from Bali is quite straight forward. First, a flight from Denpasar to Lombok (40mins), then a flight from Lombok to Sumbawa (30mins).

When you arrive in Sumbawa, you will be greeted by one of our local staff members who will take you to some accommodation. Due to the arrival time of the flights (4:30pm), no boats are running to Moyo Island, so 1 night on Sumbawa is required.

The next morning, you shall be. collected and taken to the pier where you will board the boat to Moyo Island. This is a local boat that is very rustic and can sometimes be running late.

Normal Motor Boat
Capacity: max 15 persons
Trip time: 2 Hours
Price: 75 000 IDR/way
Departure from Sumbawa: 12pm (schedule may change/trips may be canceled)
Departure from Moyo: 7 am. (schedule may change/trips may be canceled)
No reservation possible

Things to do

Activities on Nusa Lembongan

Waterfall adventures
Just a 1-hour hike through lush tropical rainforest and alongside cashew fruit plantations is the entrance to the famous Mata Jitu waterfall. Considered to be in the top 5 waterfalls anywhere in the world the crystal clear water that spills down the cascading rock pools will mesmerize all that encounter her. Hidden beneath the jungle canopy, the waterfall has 4 tiers and 7 pools and free from tourism it is like stepping inside a fairytale.  Immerse yourself in a natural phenomenon created millions of years ago, bath in the cool fresh water and revitalize the spirit in true nature. **Don’t be surprised if you have some of the resident macaque monkeys for an audience whilst you’re enjoying the refreshing cascades.

(The waterfall can also be reached by scooter in 20 minutes)

Moyo Island is blessed with technicolor coral reefs that support a myriad of tropical reef fish. From our beachfront location, take a short stroll down the private jetty to bypass the shallow corals and jump straight into waist deep water to begin your snorkeling. The gentle slope of the seabed means there is a large underwater area to be explored and just recently we have seen Blue-ringed Octopus, Moray eels, Manta rays and white tip reef sharks from the surface.

We also take Snorkelers on the daily boat trips to explore the remote areas of the island. Whilst Scuba divers are underwater, our boat crew is happy to keep an eye on you as you snorkel from the boat. We will provide a full overview of the snorkeling area and give you insider tips on what to look out for. Expect to see even more vibrant underwater life from snorkel trips on the dive boat.

Jungle hikes
The islands rainforest is home to Macaque monkeys, Rusa deer, bats, birds and wild deer. We are happy to provide guided jungle hikes in the hope of seeing the elusive wildlife alternatively you are free to hike the many trails leading into the rainforest.

Labuan Aji Village
A short stroll or scooter ride down the coastal path will place you in the rustic local village of Labuan Aji. The local people are friendly and accommodating and it is fascinating to watch them go about their daily island lives. Every household has a family of goats and the baby goats will often play with you as you walk by. There are a few small shops selling basic supplies and snacks as well as several local restaurants to enjoy traditional Indonesian food.